Let’s just say that words can’t express how grateful I am for your treatment of me those months, but I’ll try.

Y’all made me feel like I was right at home in a foreign land thousands of miles away from my own family and friends. The language barrier was hard, but none of you got frustrated or angry when I was struggling to communicate in your language. You guys made me feel relaxed and encouraged me to try my best, even if my language skills were horrible in the beginning. You pushed me to try harder and be better every day and you never made me feel stupid for making mistakes. You helped me out with homework assignments and tests and presentations.

You helped to show me a whole new culture that I had never experienced before. You shared with me your life story and opened up your home to me to make my own. You stood with me when I was stressed about school, missing home, and frustrated living in a different language everyday. You helped me calm myself down when it all became too much for me. You always showed an interest in my family and how my life was in Sardinia. You helped me to feel at home in Rockford, that it’s way different from my own town. You accepted me in as a part of your family, even if it was for a short time. You taught me so much in a so little time and I don’t even know if you realize it.

Our time together felt like it flew by and as excited as I was to go home and see my real family again, it was harder than I imagined to leave you and my new life behind. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you did for me. I can only hope that I made an impact on you, like you did on me.

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