Hello everybody, I’m Chiara and I came to Quebec from Italy.

When I arrived here I started seeing the differences between my country and the country where I had to pass the next ten months and this can look scary but it is not.

At the beginning of my experience I didn’t speak French at all and I was really shy so I thought I would have some problem approaching people and that’s a little bit true, but I found since the second day of school, someone that was already caring about me and helping me. I’ll always remember this girl that saw me and told me “I see you’re lost, if you need something, you can stay with me, I have weird friends but they’re fantastic” and so I started to meet people.

As I already wrote, I was shy but I was the exchange student, so I was the person who had to try to talk to everybody, so I decided to do my best. So I started speaking French, (bad French), but it helped me to have a little bit of English and everybody was understanding my situation, which helped me to be more near to them and make them open a space for me in their life.

Now, my experience ended, I’m back in Italy but I left in Quebec my life, fantastic people, friends for life, I miss them so much, they gave me more than anything I could ask.

I arrived in Quebec a girl that came from Italy for one year who nobody knew, and now I’m a Quebecois like them, and I was the Prom queen that left something in everybody’s heart.

It’s not easy understanding the relationship that you create with people in just ten months, but it’s just incredible and special. The Quebecois are fantastic, it’s a pleasure getting to know them.

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