Today marks 2 months since I have come home from my exchange in Italy for 5 months, and I miss it so so much! The crazy trip of leaving home, meeting another family and becoming part of a new community was so insane, and at times was extremely hard. But coming out on the other side, the whole journey left me with amazing friends, a beautiful and accepting relationship with my host family and a new version of myself. Not only did I experience a beautiful language and exciting culture (and delicious food), but I grew so much as a person exploring and integrating myself into a new and rich town in another country. You surprise yourself how much you grow, and your eyes open to the colorful world beyond your home.

Every person I met along the way of my exchange taught me new things, made me laugh and smile, and further made me realize the beautiful gift of exchange I was so lucky to embark on. I miss it incredibly, all the friends, my host family, even the barrister at my local cafe! But I am forever grateful for the experience I was given, and would never replace any of the moments, even the hard ones.

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