Surely, my 3 months in Australia have been one of the best experiences of my life.

Living in another country so far from home not only teaches you to greatly improve your foreign language level, but to face all the difficulties you will have to face on your own, to grow, understand yourself, establish friendships and a beautiful relationship with your family.

The school in Australia draws attention to discover, experiment and learn new things while having fun. It is certainly a great opportunity to practice your English, with teachers and with your friends.

Some activities I would like to remember is the Italian cooking class, pasta making and of course St. Dominican’s Day.

You will get to meet fantastic people who will want to know as much as possible about you, letting you live this unique adventure. I was lucky with my host family to visit the breathtaking scenery of Cape Jarvis, the wonderful kangaroo Island, and lots of other places. What I’ve enjoyed the most during my stay was definitely visiting Kangaroo Island with all the family. We visited so many amazing paces and shared so many beautiful moments together, going to sightsee this wild island full of magic.

Thanks to my experience, I’ve learnt to know myself, to live with another family which is not mine, to face difficulties alone and, definitely, to grow up.

If I had to answer the question “what will you miss the most of Australia?”, I would say the kindness of the many people who care and they’re kind to you.