I remember the first day I woke up here like it was yesterday, I looked out of the window thinking that finally what I was waiting for months had come truth. I was feeling a mix of emotions that I can’t explain, only in that moment I seriously realized what I was doing. I felt that fear that makes you wonder why am I doing this, only 16 years old, leaving your life for months to go across the world and live in a world completely different with people that are completely strangers. But all of those strangers now are people that I can call family, my big American family.

During this experience I learned things that I would have probably not learned if I hadn’t done it. I learned that people that are on the other side of the world do things differently than me but that doesn’t mean they are weird, they are just different and I think that’s even better because if we all were the same in this world that would be so boring. I learned that even if things aren’t going right that’s always a chance to look at them in a different way and keep going because life goes on anyways. My year in the U.S. helped me grow up so much, this experience was way harder than I thought but amazing at the same time. In some moments I thought I wasn’t gonna make it but I always did and now I look at it like a success, my success which I am proud of. I made friends that changed me so much inside and left a footprint in my heart that will never be erased for ever, I had an host family that was the best thing I could ever ask for and I know I will always have a second home, Georgia.

Now that I am back I kinda feel the same feelings I was talking about at the beginning and I would have never thought that was going to happen, feeling lost in my own world that I left for just one year. Months ago I remember crying and asking my host mom “how am I gonna do without my family and friends for 10 months? ” and now I ask to myself, how am I gonna do without them ’till I will have the opportunity to see them again?


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