In 2018 I left Italy to embrace the biggest challenge I have ever experienced: my exchange in England. I just can’t be more glad I had the opportunity to do all this.

I saw beautiful places, learned lots of things, challenged myself, fought my fears and, most of all, I had the luck to meet wonderful people such as my host family and my lovely exchange sister Shadow.

Sometimes, I lay in my bed thinking about my exchange, realising how much I miss my English life, even the smallest things, such as my bedroom, walking around the lovely paths in my neighbourhood, drinking litres and litres of tea, eating Yorkshire, stroking my cat Dharma, sitting on the sofa and watching TV with my host mum , having fun with my host sis, wandering around the shopping centre and a lot more.

I miss being an exchange student.

Before leaving for my exchange, someone asked me: is it easier to leave your everyday life for five months, or to leave forever your five months life?

I guess I know the answer now.


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