I’m sure that this Australian experience has been one of the best in my life.

Here in Australia I had the opportunity to live in a different culture, to live in a different country, to improve my English, to have a lot of different experiences and to make new friends.

In Australia, fortunately, I found a beautiful hosting family, who managed to get me into their activities and made me feel like home. With my Australian family, I did a lot of activities: one of the best I did was hugging a koala, something I strongly wished. Another activity that I have done with my family was paintball, and despite it was the first time that I played this game, I really enjoyed it.

There are many differences between Italy and Australia: the main difference is that the school, here, is easier than our school. In the Australian school a lot of interesting activities are being always done, for example cooking lessons. With my Italian friends I have cooked pasta for the students, and it was really funny and for me was a new experience. Another example is the St. Dominic’s Day, where you can do a lot of activities with your friends and spend time together.

Being in Australia made me know and learn a lot, I think and I hope that my English has improved and I’m sure that I will bring with me a lot of memories. During my stay I have learnt how to behave and how to get the habits from another country.

The things that I will miss about Australia are my host family, my school, my friends and the bonds that I have created with other people. I think that I’m going to miss my family a lot because we have created a really good relationship and will be difficult to separate from them. About my school, I think that I will miss the fact that it was very easy compared to Italy’s, so I don’t want to forget it hahaha.

I also wanted to say again that this was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life and I highly recommend everyone else to do it, because it is one of those things that only happens once in a lifetime and, therefore, it is better not to miss this incredible opportunity.


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