It’s been almost a month since I left the USA and I still can’t believe it.

This experience has been the most beautiful and difficult thing I ever done.

I have cried, I have been so happy, I grew up and I discovered a world outside my comfort zone.  I saw how people live in the other side of the world and I understood that if people are going to be different than you ‘cause they live in other countries, they speak different languages or they have different traditions, this doesn’t mean they are less than you!

I found a fantastic family who helped me to believe in myself and my dreams, who decided to love me like a real daughter. They did all of this to make sure Minnesota would become my second home.

I’m so glad for all the people I met this year, all of my friends, teachers and for anyone who helped me. My exchange year wasn’t perfect, but it was something that changed me forever.  I’m aware that nothing could be possible without my Italian parents who helped me to achieve my dream . I know a chapter of my life just ended but I will keep with me forever all of the memories I made this year!

Thanks USA and in particular thanks Minnesota! I’ll be back soon 🥰❤️🏡


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