I’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to come here in Australia for three months as an exchange student, because it is an experience that changed my life in a positive way.

I’ve done a lot of things I will never forget. The most iconic were holding a koala and feeding it, and seeing kangaroos.

I did it with my host family on the very first weekend I was here, but I met these animals in the wild more times on the Adelaide’s hills and along the Murray river, where I went camping one night with my host father and the exchange student hosted by the same family. I had a lot of fun there, we tried to fish, but we didn’t catch anything. One day we went to the beach to swim in the ocean, even it was very cold since it was winter.

I like going to school here, because it’s not so stressful and the teacher are very friendly. We do a lot of activities, such as helping in the Italian class, cooking Italian food, supporting the football and soccer school teams during the Intercol matches and during St. Dominic’s Day, a casual clothes day with a lot of food and games.

Before leaving Italy, I was worried about the food, but I shouldn’t have been. In fact, there is a wide variety of it: here you can find a lot of Asiatic and European food and of course Australian one, like meat pie, sausage roll, TimTam and the notorious Vegemite (that I started liking a little bit after two months).

But the best things, the ones I will miss more, beside the wonderful landscapes of the Australian coast, or the Australian desert, or some others fantastic things, are the relationships created with the host family, with the Australians friends and with the others exchange students. I talked a lot with all of them, and they taught me a lot of things. Being far from home and from everyone I know made me reflect with my own reason on everything around me, which improved my way of thinking.


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