(In the picture Exchange Students group with BEC staff during the arrival orientation)

Together with its partners abroad, BEC coordinates everything that an exchange program implies: arrival and departure, assistance and support, school and host family matters, approach to Italian language and lifestyle. Working together, BEC staff and the organizations abroad make a 24-hour global network available.

BEC builds connections with local people willing to help to find host families and schools for our foreign exchange students and keeps contacts with all the people involved in the experience.

During your stay, besides the support of BEC and your host family, a Local Coordinator will take care of you under any aspect and help you for any matter. We want you to have your once in a lifetime opportunity, live a nice and rewarding experience and enjoy every single moment, while staying in a wonderful, but very different, country!

BEC will explain you about cultural differences and adjustment process, giving you advices, suggestions and answers to any of your questions.

You will never feel alone!