(In the picture Takao from Japan, 10 months in Italy)

High School programs are meant for students aged 14-18, with a genuine desire to learn about a different culture, who are attending High School in their own country or have just finished High School and wish to take a gap year around the world.

You can choose the length of the program according to your needs: pick up a ten or five month program for a complete full immersion in the Italian school system and family, or live as an Italian teenager for two or three months during winter, experiencing a white Christmas around a table with your host family.

According to your profile, BEC will find you a carefully-selected voluntary host family suitable for you. You will be enrolled in a secondary High School for the program length, and you will follow lessons like an Italian teenager. You will not be a tourist but someone living as a local on a day-to-day basis.

You will be an ambassador of your country!

“Not better, not worse, just different!