(In the picture Aden from USA, 5 months in Italy)

Italian families are famous for their warmth and friendliness and they will make you feel part of the family, sharing all the possible time together.

Host families are volunteers with a huge wish to learn about you, your life and your different culture. They want to share their daily life with a person who is eager to have an experience in their country, living completely different moments to their usual ones, discovering and experiencing lots and lots of new habits. It will take perseverance and patience, gaining knowledge day after day. After a few months you will start dreaming in Italian!

Your host family will love to spend time talking, especially during meals, cooking, visiting places in the host community, seeing friends and relatives together. It will be more enjoyment for you, as Italian families are very close to their relatives and knowing a family might mean knowing ten people at the same time!

Host families are spread all over Italy, islands included, in rural areas, small towns or big cities. What all the families have in common is their willingness to share their home with you and accept you as a family member.

Share your experience and your feelings with them!